Spotlight on Title III Service Providers: A.C.E. of Southwest Minnesota

A.C.E. of Southwest Minnesota (A.C.E.) offers programs and services founded on Advocating, Connecting, and Educating the citizens of southwest Minnesota. Their resources and supports help to enable adults to live safely and independently for a longer period of time. They also help meet community needs by matching volunteers age 55 and older with activities that fit their interests, schedules, and experience. Their mission is “Creating strong, involved communities focusing on volunteerism and active living programs for adults 55 and above, and care partners of all ages”.

In 2014, A.C.E. applied for and received Older Americans Act Title III-D Disease Prevention and Health Promotion funding from MNRAAA to implement A.C.E. Evidence-Based Programs (EBP). The purpose of EBPs is to educate older adults about chronic disabling conditions, prevention and reduction of effects, alcohol and substance abuse reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss and control and stress management. All EBPs must meet the Administration for Community Living’s highest tier of evidence. This means they offer proven ways to promote health and prevent disease among older adults.

In their first year of Title III-D funding, A.C.E. offered A Matter of Balance and the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. In subsequent years, A.C.E. has continued to receive Title III funding and has grown its EBP offerings to include: A Matter of Balance; Chronic Disease Self-Management Program; Chronic Pain Self-Management Program; Diabetes Self-Management Program; and Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance.

Older adults who’ve participated in A.C.E.’s EBPs have many positive things to say about the classes. Here are some examples:

  • “The most valuable part of the program to me: listening to fellow class participants helped me realize my ailments are minor compared to others.”
  • “I made new friends and the class leaders were PERFECT!”; “I learned about the diversity of how diabetes affects different people and plan on using my book for reading pleasure!”

“The EBPs we provide in our seven-county service area are instrumental in achieving our organizational vision of ‘bringing volunteers and healthy living programs together to create communities where older adults and care partners thrive’ “, said Michelle Baumhoefner, A.C.E. executive director. “All of the EBPs provide participants with self-care strategies that enhance independent living, as well as promoting lasting friendships among all in attendance – participants, volunteer lay leaders and staff leaders!”

MNRAAA appreciates A.C.E.’s commitment to providing EBPs in their service area and partnering with us in our work to help older adults thrive in southwest Minnesota.
To learn more about A.C.E. programs and services contact them at 507.360.4205, or visit their website at

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