Program Development Presentations and Classes

The classes listed below are instructed by the MNRAAA Program Development team.

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If you are interested in attending or your organization is interested in hosting one of these classes or presentations, please contact MNRAAA at 507-387-1256.

ACT on Alzheimer’s Community Engagement

(presentation can be tailored to allotted time)

ACT on Alzheimer’s is a statewide, volunteer-driven collaboration preparing Minnesota for the personal, social and budgetary impacts of Alzheimer’s disease.  Passionate and committed partners, supporters, action communities, and Minnesotans are taking part in the work and making a difference.  Learn how this four-phase process brings people together to help a community create a supportive environment for people with dementia.

Falls Prevention – Stay Right Side Up!

(presentation can be tailored to allotted time)

Have you taken a tumble or slipped in the past year?  Are you afraid of falling?  You are not alone.  Falls can happen to anyone.  Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from activities you enjoy. This presentation will include information on ways to stay right side up such as: Be Safe at Home; Enjoy the Outdoors; Don’t Be Swept Off Your Feet; Move Your Body; Know Your Medications; and Eye Can See Clearly Now.

Live Well at Home

Do you want to live well in your own home as you grow older?  Learn your risks and how to live at home successfully.  Live Well at Home helps older Minnesotans and veterans live well longer in their own homes.  Live Well at Home also supports family caregivers so they get the help they need as they coordinate and provide care.

Supporting Family Caregivers including Working Caregivers

(can be tailored to allotted time)

Do you…. Bring your dad a few groceries?  Drive a friend to her doctor visit?  Remind mom to take her pills?  Then you are a caregiver.

Family and friend caregivers are the foundation of Minnesota’s long-term care and support system.  Every day caregivers provide a range of support from chores and errands, to personal care and transportation.  This support is critical for keeping older adults safe and in their own homes. Learn more about the many resources available in Minnesota to support family caregivers.

Communities for a Lifetime

(can be tailored to allotted time)

Minnesota’s population is aging. Cities and their local leaders are critical in setting a vision for age-friendly communities and creating effective policies, planning initiatives and citizen engagement opportunities. Learn how communities throughout Minnesota can prepare for the demographic shift through intentional planning initiatives referred to as “Communities for a Lifetime.”

Aging Trends and Demographics

(can be tailored to allotted time)

Minnesota’s population is aging.  By 2020 there will be more people over 60 than children in school.  By 2030 one in four people will be over the age of 65.  Learn more about the phenomenon commonly characterized as “The Age Wave”.

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