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Powerful Tools for Caregivers is an education program for family caregivers of older adults. Based on a self-efficacy model, the program empowers family caregivers to reduce negative effects of caregiving and to practice self-care.

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Caregiver Coaching
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Personalized service that equips family caregivers with knowledge, skills and tools to achieve a balanced lifestyle while caring for another person.


Family Meeting

A semi-structured gathering that recognizes the value of extended family members (kin and non-kin) which opens the lines of communication, and allows service providers to work together.

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Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
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Are you an adult with an ongoing health condition? Or a caregiver for someone with a ongoing health condition?

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Diabetes Self Management Program

Do you have Diabetes? Or are you a caregiver for someone with Diabetes?

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Matter of BalanceImage of Matter of Balance logo

Have you turned down a chance to go out with family or friends because you were concerned about falling?

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Live Well at Home

Live Well at HomeSM is an integrated framework of practice for supporting at-risk older adults and their family caregivers with living in the community. Live Well at HomeSM offers a common set of tools, materials, training, and network for proactively helping at-risk persons mitigate risk factors.

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Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance™

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance™ (TJQMBB; formally known as Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance) is an evidence-based fall prevention program derived from a contemporary routine known as Simplified 24-Form Tai Ji Quan (pronounced tye gee chuwan). TJQMBB consists of an 8-form core with built-in practice variations and a subroutine of Tai Ji Quan – Mini Therapeutic MovementsTM , which, collectively, comprise a set of functional Tai Ji Quan exercises. TJQMBB represents a substantive enhancement of traditional Tai Ji Quan training and performance as it transforms martial arts movements into a therapeutic regimen aimed at improving postural stability, awareness and mindful control of body positioning in space, functional walking, movement symmetry and coordination, range of motion around the ankle and hip joints, and lower-extremity muscle strength.

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