Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance™

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) is an exercise program to improve strength, balance, mobility and daily functioning, as well as prevent falls in older adults and individuals with balance disorders.

Through the workshop, participants will see improvements in:

  • Postural stability;
  • Awareness and mindful control of body position in space (to prevent falling);
  • Functional walking;
  • Movement symmetry and coordination;
  • Range of motion around the ankle and hip joints;
  • Lower extremity muscle strength

TJQMBB is offered in community settings to groups of 8-15 people.  Workshops are taught twice weekly for 60 minute sessions for 12 weeks.

Find a Class in Your Community

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Juniper has a list of evidence-based classes and leader training throughout the state of Minnesota.

To find a Living Well with Chronic Conditions class nearest you, visit their website at www.yourjuniper.org and enter your zip code in the search field.

Become a Leader

Become a leader:

To become certified, leaders must attend two-day intensive training of movement-based learning of the 8 core forms.   New leaders should have experience leading group exercise and working with older adults. Certified instructors must lead at least two 12-week sessions each year.  Online resources are available for trained leaders, as well as update training opportunities to provide additional practice and training.

Certified leaders must provide classes that consist of:

  1. Tai Ji Quan-based warm-up movements
  2. Core practice emphasizing integration of individual forms, variation in forms and mini-therapeutic movements
  3. A brief period of breathing cool-down exercises.
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Leader Tools

Tai Ji Quan: Moving For Better Balance (TJQ) Tool Kit for Leaders Outline

These are tools that leaders will need to use to host a Tai Ji Quan class.

  1. Planning Checklist
  2. Notification Form – No longer used. Please create class on yourjuniper.org.
  3. Class Specific Forms
    1. Participant Readiness (Par Q)
    2. Release from Liability Agreement
    3. Attendance Log
    4. Participant Information Form
      1. Script – Participant Information Form
    5. Participant Post Program Survey
    6. Tai Ji Quan Forms Instructions
    7. Participant completer certificate template
  4. Marketing Templates
    1. Brochures and flyers are available on the Tai Ji Quan website (accessible to trained leaders only).
  5. Elevator Speech
  6. Marketing in the Media
  7. Presentation Guide
  8. Fact Sheet
  9. Participant Letter to Physicians
  10. Share Your Story Form
  11. Photo Release

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