“Exciting” and “Fast-Paced” Summertime

Many of you are probably familiar with the lyrics from the song Summertime, composed by George Gershwin in 1934 for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. The first line of the song is Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Well, it’s summertime, but I’m not sure I’d describe the “livin” at MNRAAA as “easy” – “exciting” and “fast-paced” would be more appropriate.

Since our last newsletter, staff and board members participated in two Strategic Planning Retreats, facilitated by Aurora Consulting. Stay tuned for an upcoming issue of MNRAAA news to learn about our new mission statement, vision and strategic directions.

Staff is busy with launching age-friendly community projects in Porter and Kerkhoven. For additional information and community pictures, check out the Age-Friendly article.

MNRAAA participated in the launch of Juniper, previously known as the “Healthy Living As You Age” initiative. More information is included on here.

And, MNRAAA is in the process of hiring several new staff in response to the Return to Community Expansion, approved by the Minnesota legislature. Effective July 1, 2017, Return to Community expanded to include several new targeted groups at risk of spending down to Medical Assistance. We will be highlighting our new staff in the next issue of MNRAAA news.

I hope you will enjoy reading about the exciting happenings at MNRAAA. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information about any of the articles in our latest issue of MNRAAA news.

To read the latest issue of MNRAAA news, visit: MNRAAA news

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