Help Remaining or Returning Home

Every person has the right to live in the setting of their choice. The Senior LinkAge
Line® helps older adults remain in their homes or return to their home from a facility by providing
free in-depth support and follow-up. Support is also provided to involved family members and
caregivers. Those eligible are:
• 60 years or older
• In their home or in a facility and wanting to return home
• Not on Medical Assistance

How Does It Work? A provider (nursing facility, hospital, clinic, etc.) can make a referral or a person can self-refer online:

Once the Senior LinkAge Line receives a referral*, the process usually involves:

  • Discussing the help that is available
  • Deciding if participating is right for a person
  • If so, working together to develop a comprehensive plan that will meet the person’s needs and preferences o This includes exploring available resources, estimating costs and helping set-up services, such as:
    • Home health
    • Meal/grocery delivery
    • Transportation
    • Help around the house
    • Home modification or repair
    • Financial or legal assistance
    • Caregiver support
    • Medicare, and much more
  • Later, it includes follow-up to support long-term success in the community.

*The Senior LinkAge Line also receives referrals from the Minnesota Board on Aging, based on a profile list of nursing facility residents.

For More Information Call the Senior LinkAge Line at 800-333-2433, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.