Heritage, Happiness & Hope – East African Elder Healthy Aging Event

Outreach is a wonderful way to become better connected with the different cultures and people who call Minnesota their home.
MNRAAA and the Senior LinkAge Line® outreach staff recently partnered with Abdi Matan of HAARAN (Helping the Displaced Reach a Better Life) in St. Peter to host a “Heritage, Happiness and Hope” outreach event at the St. Peter Community Center.
Nicole Boelter, Exercise Physiologist at River’s Edge Hospital in St. Peter, led the group in Tai Ji Quan and talked about the importance of maintaining good balance as we age. Participants were also given information and resources on the Senior LinkAge Line®.
“I am so pleased with the success of the event.” said Abdi Matan. “It is so important to offer events that provide opportunities to socialize and learn. They enjoyed the Tai ji Quan because maintaining your balance is important.”
Attendees were provided with a delicious meal of east African flavors. There was also a great deal of socialization as well as sharing of language and cultural differences before and during the meal.
Abdi Matan also said, “I am happy to work with MNRAAA and the Senior LinkAge Line® to reach out to people who spend most of their time at home and have language barriers because the socialization and educational opportunities are so important to them.”
If you are interested in hosting a similar event in your community or volunteering with the Senior LinkAge Line®, call 1-800-333-2433.

Debbie Bauleke and Paula Traphagen-Bossert, Senior Outreach Specialists

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