National Volunteer Week was April 18-24

Across the United States and Washington D.C., Minnesota ranks second for volunteerism, according to an AmeriCorps survey. This data puts the phrase “Minnesota nice” into perspective. It is gratifying and humbling to know that so many Minnesotans have the empathy and passion to offer a helping hand.

As a volunteer coordinator, it is an honor to help serve people living in Southwest Minnesota and to support volunteers in achieving their missions. “Witnessing volunteer acts of kindness resonates as an affirmation of our ability to be selfless and contribute to the greater good”, states Brittany Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator for Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging. Volunteers often underestimate the power of their touch, a smile, offering a listening ear and other small acts of kindness. In other words, volunteers have the potential to turn a life around by donating their most valuable asset, time.

The Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging wants to thank the dedicated volunteers that make an impactful difference within their communities by sharing their wealth of knowledge and compassion. This week, we honor our volunteers and express our gratitude for their commitment to making older adults that live in southwest Minnesota thrive.

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