Slayton Office Update – April 2021

As we continue to navigate the waters of the COVID-19 Pandemic, MNRAAA, like so many other organizations, continues to operate in a virtual setting.
Last March, we temporarily closed our offices in Mankato and Slayton, pivoting all staff to working from home. MNRAAA continues to provide services for older adults and caregivers during the pandemic.

While all staff continue to work from home, MNRAAA has made the decision to permanently close our Slayton office location. The Mankato office will remain temporarily closed until further notice. With the Slayton office closed, MNRAAA is able to maintain all staff. Staff that worked in the Slayton office will continue to work remotely.

MNRAAA and the Senior LinkAge Line will continue to offer classes and presentations virtually in our twenty-seven counties. Although the MNRAAA sign on the building has been taken down from the Slayton office, it does not mean that our presence is gone. Just the opposite, MNRAAA is working hard to ensure that we represent and assist all of the communities in our service area.

Our staff, volunteers, board members, and community partners want to be available to you.

You can continue to reach MNRAAA online at or on Facebook at

Thank you all for your continued support of our organization.

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