A Matter of Balance (MOB) acknowledges the risk of falling but emphasizes practical coping strategies to reduce this fear.mob image

These include:

  • Promoting a view of falls and fear of falling as controllable
  • Setting realistic goals for increasing activity
  • Changing the environment to reduce fall risk factors
  • Promoting exercise to increase strength and balance.
  • The workshop is conducted over eight sessions, meeting weekly or twice weekly for two hours per session.
  • Meetings are led by 2 trained coaches.
  • A Guest Healthcare Professional visit to the community class.
  • Hosted in a community setting.
  • The program’s goal is to reduce fear of falling, stop the fear of falling cycle, and increase activity levels among community-dwelling older adults.

After successfully completing A Matter of Balance:

  • 97% of participants are more comfortable talking about fear of falling
  • 97% feel comfortable increasing activity
  • 99% plan to continue exercising
  • 98% would recommend MOB
  • In 2013: Report to Congress by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services which evaluated Community-based Wellness and Prevention Programs. A Matter of Balance demonstrated a $938 savings with savings in the area of unplanned inpatient hospitalizations, skilled nursing facilities and home health.
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Find a Class in Your Community

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Juniper has a list of evidence-based classes and leader training throughout the state of Minnesota.

To find a Living Well with Chronic Conditions class nearest you, visit their website at www.yourjuniper.org and enter your zip code in the search field.

Become a Leader

Leader Training Opportunity:

A Matter of Balance is award winning evidenced-based program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falls.

Through classes, participants learn to:

  • View falls and fear of falling as controllable
  • Set realistic goals for increasing activity
  • Change their environment to reduce fall risk factors
  • Engage in exercise to increase strength and balance

A Matter of Balance curriculum is delivered by two trained leaders. Therefore, it is highly recommended that each agency/site must register at least two people.

In order to be certified, leaders must attend both days of training. Training materials, refreshments and lunch provided each day.

To become trained as A Matter of Balance Leader or for more information, please complete the contact form on this page.

2018 Dates Location Registration Fee Registration Form
July 11 & 12 Redwood Falls $120 Online Registration

Training Dates
Registrant’s Name
Registrant’s Email

Leader Tools

A Matter of Balance (MOB) Tool Kit for Leaders Outline

These are tools that leaders will need to use to host A Matter of Balance.

  1. Planning Checklist
  2. Notification Form – No longer used. Please create class on yourjuniper.org.
  3. Class Specific Forms
    1. Participant Readiness (Par Q)
    2. Participant Agreement
    3. Attendance Log
    4. Participant Information Form
    5. Participant Post Program Survey
    6. Participant completer certificate template
  4. Marketing Templates
    1. Brochure outside (add your info here)
    2. Brochure inside
    3. Flyer (add work shop info here)
  5. Elevator Speech
  6. Marketing in the Media
  7. Presentation Guide
  8. Fact Sheet
  9. Referral Form
  10. Participant Letter to Physicians
  11. Share Your Story Form
  12. Photo Release

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