Visit by President Biden Highlights Programs Helping Older Adults in Minnesota

MNRAAA Executive Director Jason W. Swanson was invited to attend President Biden’s “Investing in America” tour at the Cummins Power Generation Facility in Fridley on April 3, 2023. While the focus today was on “The Build Back Better Framework,” the invitation came after Swanson attended meetings held at the White House in March. Those meetings were held for the White House to hear community viewpoints from elected officials and other community leaders from each state on their agenda to strengthen communities. The Investing in America tour aligns with that purpose.

Dawn Simonson, the Executive Director of Trellis, joined Swanson at the White House in March and at the “Investing in America” event on April 3.

“While it’s an honor to be invited to both meetings, what is so tremendously interesting and positive is that this is due to our leadership on aging in Minnesota and our strong relationship with the federal Administration for Community Living,” said Simonson. “Their staff provided our names and organizations to the White House Office on Public Engagement to be included in conversations and events.”

Governor Tim Walz, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith and many other stakeholders from Minnesota are ensuring the voices of older adults and caregivers living in Minnesota are heard by the Biden-Harris administration.

“The Area Agencies on Aging in Minnesota have been working with the Biden-Harris administration to promote our mission so that older adults can maintain the lifestyle of their choice,” said Swanson. “Efforts like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will allow older adults and their caregivers better access to high-speed internet and public transportation.”

Other portions of the Investing in America tour include the American Rescue Plan (ARP), President Biden’s plan to provide direct relief to Americans, contain COVID-19, and rescue the economy. State, local, and Tribal governments have put ARP funds to work to protect public health. In the first nine months, reporting from the largest recipients shows that most states, cities and counties are using funds to respond to the public health impacts of the pandemic.

A project to promote getting the COVID-19 vaccine and booster during flu season was launched by MNRAAA, which partnered with Pioneer PBS to create the campaign. The work was funded through a grant from the federal Older Americans Act through a grant with the Northwest Regional Development Commission under an area plan approved by the Minnesota Board on Aging. Viewers can watch these videos by visiting


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