Flooding in Southwestern Minnesota

Severe flooding, road closures, flooded homes and businesses, power outages, evacuations, damaged crops – these are just some of the words we heard during the recent, very heavy rainfalls in our area. According to preliminary numbers, flood damage in southern Minnesota will exceed $7.7 million. That means the State should qualify for major assistance.

Even with the devastating damage, community members continued to be positive and commented on how the flooding brought their community together as they filled sandbags to save a neighbor’s home and/or business. And as is so typical of Minnesotans, those who experienced flood damage commented “it could have been worse”.

If you were affected by the recent flooding and are looking for information about services that may be available to assist you, contact the Senior LinkAge Line® at 1.800-333.2433 or the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management at https://www.facebook.com/MnHSEM/ or https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/hsem/Pages/default.aspx.

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