Juniper — Your Health. Your Community.

Minnesota’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) continued their efforts to foster collaboration across health care providers, health plans, long-term care and housing providers, home and community-based providers and a host of other community organizations to build a statewide network of evidence-based programs. Evidence-based programs help individuals manage chronic health conditions, prevent falls, and foster well-being. When AAAs began this collaborative effort, they temporarily called it “Independence Through Healthy Aging”. During 2017, AAAs worked with a consultant and “Juniper – Your Health. Your Community.” was born. Not only does the Juniper network provide a set of evidence-based programs, it provides an infrastructure for training community-based leaders. In 2018, the Juniper website will be launched at

The managing partner for Juniper is the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging. They provide program support, data analysis and overall project management.

Read a PDF of 2017 MNRAAA Annual Report.

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