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Adapt Your Holiday Plans

Places are closed, organizations have drastically shifted their service delivery, and plans have been canceled. This has become the norm during the pandemic of 2020. One thing that is not  canceled is the holiday season. Many of us look forward to either going to a loved one’s house, hosting people in your neighborhood/community or celebrating […]

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Falls Prevention Month

We have rearranged our priorities this year to accommodate the recent events throughout the world.  Meetings are being held virtually, schools are using a distant learning platform, and many are holding off visiting people.  One thing we do not want to change, or overlook are things that we can control, like falls. Did you know […]

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Find the Good

Australian Wildfires. Royalty leaving United Kingdom. Impeachment. COVID-19 Pandemic. Civil Unrest. All of which have taken place in the first half of 2020. When you turn on the news, check your social media feed or talk to a friend, one can easily be taken on a roller coaster ride of negative information. Thus far, the […]

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